Physical and Chemical Properties:
Food-grade polyisobutylene is a transparent and odorless semisolid.


  1. Chewing Gums: Polyisobutylene can improve the gum quality when mixed with paraffin wax and resin; it can also make the gum more flexible and stable, maintaining good hydrophobic property and excellent film-forming property.
  2. Food Gluten: mixed with various adhesives (including pressure-sensitive adhesive), polyisobutylene has the functions of adhesive bonding and modification.
  3. Food Packing: Polyisobutylene can be mixed with various paraffin waxes and high molecular polymers to serve as the releasing agent of packaging films; for example, polymer of polyisobutylene and paraffin wax can be used as the packaging films for cheese. It can improve the low-temperature stability and water resistance of product.
  4. Food-Grade Hot Melt Adhesive: Polyisobutylene has a function of plasticization, and can be used for thermal-plastic rubber, etc.
  5. Medicine plaster: Food-grade polyisobutylene is now widely used in the field of medicine plaster. It has nice compatibility with both western medicines and traditional Chinese medicines because of its unique net structure long chain and macromolecule. With these properties, including non-irritability, repeated pulling and sticking, and non-hair-collecting etc., food-grade polyisobutylene has developed into a leading material for medicine plasters.

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