China Import / Export

Importing and exporting products in and out of China can be a challenge and is often costly. We understand that there is a need for good reliable service to assist those in this marketplace. We have established a fully licensed trading company dedicated to the China market, which operates under the name Miltenberg & Samton (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.

We have found that many of our customers are incurring high fees for their import and exports to and from China and we have been able to offer them some significant cost savings through our service. In addition to servicing our existing customers globally through our trading company, we are offering this service to companies in China and those doing business in China across the globe.

We ask you to give us some consideration on one of your next shipments. It is always good to have a few options in trading companies. We are confident we can offer you a good value and it may also be reassuring to work with a trading company that has a local presence here in the US.

Please Contact Us to learn more about our China Import/Export Services through Miltenberg & Samton (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.