Ronald Kehle , President

In 1985, Ron purchased Miltenberg & Samton Inc. from the original founders, Herman Miltenberg & Henry Samton. Ron's business relationship with Miltenberg & Samton (M&S) had started many years earlier while he was the manager of Goodyear International Co. included Industrial and Chemical products in Manhattan..... read more

Eric Kehle, Director of Business Development

Eric joined Miltenberg & Samton, Inc. in 2010. He brought with him an extensive background in the financial services industry with a keen knowledge of financial analysis, cash flow management, investment strategies, and basic accounting principles.... read more

Edward J. Strycharz , VP of Sales and Logistics

Serving as VP of Sales and Logistics for MILTSAM, Edward J. Strycharz provides experience in various aspects of international business and logistics. Across his career, Edward has acquired more than 30 years experience in the global market working extensively with both domestic and international suppliers and customers.... read more

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